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 about us
 Louda Systems- Germany

 about us

LOUDA SYSTEMS is reputed as a manufacturer of fine and highly reliable machinery for the production of high-value plastic cards and ID-documents such as ID-cards and passports for more than 25 years. During the development of our company, we learnt a lot from our highly estimated customers. This enabled us to extend our business from the design and construction of compact machinery to complex factory planning with all related issues like internal logistics and materials handling. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with the most economical equipment considering always the individual requirements not only with regard to the design but also with regard to the support.

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General Manager
Dipl. Ing. Reiner Junger


 Louda Systems- Germany

Located in one of Germany`s most fascinating and scenic areas, our premises are close to München (Munich) and Augsburg, a city founded more than 2000 years ago with a history lasting back to the ancient Romans having still kept its medieval charm.

Only a 45 minutes drive away from the international Munich airport, we are conveniently placed as regards transport facilities.

LOUDA SYSTEMS : Louda GmbH, Tränk 1
D-86551 Aichach/ Germany

E-Mail addresses: , ,

Tel: +49 (0)8251 870980
Mobile: +49 (0)173 8023 489
Fax: +49 (0)8251 871 783 Fax(UMS): +49 (0)121 20153 002

Louda Systems offer solution for your existing punch machine and with the new high quality punch LOUDA SYSTEMS "C-port GSM" to a reasonable price ! This model is also available for SIM cards / GSM !
Besides the proven models LP-4M, LP-3A, LP-6A especially for RFID cards we now increased our offer with twin-stack Laminator model LOUDA SYSTEMS "C-port LP5" for up to 25.000 cards per hour.
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... more than 25 years of experience and innovation in a card manufacturing machines